About The Show

The Malta Office For The Approval of Citizenship requires all persons living in or visiting Malta take a test to see if they can qualify to be MALTESE! Our highly(ish) team of “Maltese-ness” instructors will assist you in learning everything you need to know about being Maltese in an Hour, so you too can become a TRUE Maltes-er!

Learn the secret of the Maltese language, appreciate what it is like to be related to half the country understand what to keep in mind when crossing the road, and find out what three letters describe us Maltese better than any other!

Written by Steve Hili, Produced by Wesley Ellul, and directed by both of them, HOW TO BE MALTESE IN AN HOUR is guaranteed to leave you aching with laughter!

RUNNING TIME: 1 hrs 30 mins including a 15 min interval (because the Maltese are terrible at keeping time)

Recommended Age: 16+

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