Do you Know What It takes to be Maltese?

“How to be Maltese in an hour” is a unique comedy show written, directed and produced by The Comedy Island that is set to teach visitors to our island all about the weird and wonderful traits of the Maltese – the greatest (!) people on earth!

Why are the Maltese so loud? Why do they eat so much? How do they handle their booze? And what are their best chat up lines?

These questions are more will be answered in the brand new side-splitting show “How to be Maltese in an hour” every Wednesday at 8pm and Sunday at 7:30pm in the heart of Valletta. Written by a London-based professional Maltese comedian, and produced by Malta’s top comedy producer, “How to be Maltese in an hour” will change your views about this tiny country, forever!

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How To Be Maltese in An hour Malta Palazzo Pereira, 224 Republic Street Valletta Malta
+356 9945 6366
Wednesday Doors Open 19:15 | Show Starts 20:00 Sunday Doors Open 18:45 | Show Starts 19:30

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