About The Show

About The Show


The Malta Office For The Approval of Citizenship requires all persons living in or visiting Malta take a test to see if you can qualify to be MALTESE! Our HIGHLY QUALIFIED team of malteseness instructors will  assist you in learning everything you need to know about being Maltese in an Hour, so you too can become a TRUE Malteser!

This Show will be given 5 stars from The Times of Malta, and will be called a ‘Gut-busting hit' by the Another Critic  and with celebrity endorsements from the likes of Dun Karm 'funniest show we've seen! If you can get a ticket go.' 


HOW TO BE MALTESE IN AN HOUR is guaranteed to leave you aching with laughter! 

RUNNING TIME: 1 hrs 30 mins including a 20 min interval

Recommended Age: 16+

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